A Brief Synopsis of All Things Musical

Guys! GUYS! I think it might be Spring here in Nova Scotia. EEeee!

Of course, don’t tell the weather fairies I said that, because then I suspect the temperature will plummet to 3 degrees Celsius and a lovely nor’easter is very likely to descend upon us by noontime tomorrow. So this is just between you and me. And the internet. But fairies don’t read the internet. I don’t think…

Anyhoodle, here’s the lowdown on all things musical: We have decided to postpone the release of the album till later this year. Don’t throw things at the screen! There is a very good reason for this. Mainly, it will give us time to ensure the record comes out with a bang. I am so proud of this collection of songs, and I want to be sure that when I do release them into the world, I do it right. I’ve got some help with that over the coming months, which is the best part. Hooray! It’s like having magical elves!

On May 21st I’m hitting the road again. This time with two of my handsome and talented band mates. Our first show is up in the Muskoka area in Gravenhurst, Ontario with some of my favourite tour pals Graydon James and the Young Novelists. We’re headed to lots of my favourite cities east of Manitoba and the show will almost entirely be comprised of material from the new record (with some audience favourites peppered in here and there). I’ve been planning this tour since February and each show is with artists I LOVE. I’m really excited. There will probably be surprises. Okay, I am planning some surprises.

Show info is listed to the right. Facebook events are starting to pop up. It’s going to be great. Really really great. Woo!

Bugs n’fishes,