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New website. New album release date. First single.


Hello Beauties,

Oh there are just so many things cooking I don’t quite know where to begin. The last months have been intense, and wonderful, and hard, for different reasons. I’m working on a blog post for you. In the meantime. Here is the brand new website, care of the talented Mat Dunlap–website designer extraordinaire. Yay!

Best of all, here is a link to the press release for the new album, The Tempest of Old. Follow the link to hear the first single ‘Got You Well’. I am so friggin’ excited to finally unleash this song. We recorded it a year ago.

The fiddle on this tune was played by one of my favourite humans, who we lost to cancer two weeks ago. She was a monster of a fiddle player and one of the sweetest, truest souls I’ve ever known. Fleur Mainville just owned the fiddle part for this song. I hope you revel in her mastery as much as we did in the studio that day, and I hope this tune gets your blood pumping and your imagination running at a gallop. I’m not sure yet if I like that last metaphor. Anyway. I hope you like the new song.

More soon. I promise.

Bugs n’ fishes


Things are brewing for 2015

Hello my lovelies,

We are long overdue for a catchup. I’ve been so busy I’ve barely been keeping up. On the plus side, this is actually because I’ve been working on lots of things to share. Some exciting things are on the horizon. Keep your eyes peeled for new happenings and announcements on February 3rd.

Bugs n’ fishes,


Fall News–Coming Soon!

Stay tuned, lovelies,

I’m working on some things. News on what I’ll be up to this Fall will be posted soon!

bugs n’fishes,


New Things for Spring!

Ahoy lovelies!

Masters for the new album are in my hot little hands. Things are rolling, plans are afoot, and a brand new website is coming your way soon, care of my favourite website designer Mat Dunlap.

Stay tuned! Things are happening! EEeee!

Bugs n’ Fishes,


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