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Coast Cover!

Sooo, this happened today. Eee! A milestone to be sure.

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Coast Cover Tempest

Release Day! WAHOO!!!

Hello sweethearts!

The Tempest of Old has officially been released! I waited until midnight last night and then hit the ‘release’ button for my website/bandcamp with all the fanfare that a person sitting in front of a computer at midnight can muster. It was glorious. Thanks to Daniel Ledwell for being the best producer. The best.

And thanks heaps to these dear, sweet, insanely talented humans who played and sang on the record: Fleur Mainville, Nicholas Maclean, Sean MacGillivray, Corinna Rose, Jenn Grant, Kim Harris, Carmel Mikol, Stewart Legere, Gabe Minnikin, Simon Honeyman, Natalie Alcorn, Kinley Dowling, Kev Corbett, Anne Janelle, Catriona Sturton, Leah Dolgoy, John Spearns, and Michael Belyea. Thanks also to Jen Ochej for shuttling me back and forth from Lake Echo on many recording days. She also shot heaps of footage that I will someday get through and cobble into a video or two.

I am pretty lucky.

Bugs n’ fishes,


Full Album Streaming on Exclaim!

Hello sweethearts,

The good folks over at Exclaim! are hosting an exclusive stream of the entire album. If you’re super keen, or even just curious, you can head on over here and have a listen.

The album officially drops this coming Tuesday. Eee!

Bugs n’ fishes,


New website. New album release date. First single.


Hello Beauties,

Oh there are just so many things cooking I don’t quite know where to begin. The last months have been intense, and wonderful, and hard, for different reasons. I’m working on a blog post for you. In the meantime. Here is the brand new website, care of the talented Mat Dunlap–website designer extraordinaire. Yay!

Best of all, here is a link to the press release for the new album, The Tempest of Old. Follow the link to hear the first single ‘Got You Well’. I am so friggin’ excited to finally unleash this song. We recorded it a year ago.

The fiddle on this tune was played by one of my favourite humans, who we lost to cancer two weeks ago. She was a monster of a fiddle player and one of the sweetest, truest souls I’ve ever known. Fleur Mainville just owned the fiddle part for this song. I hope you revel in her mastery as much as we did in the studio that day, and I hope this tune gets your blood pumping and your imagination running at a gallop. I’m not sure yet if I like that last metaphor. Anyway. I hope you like the new song.

More soon. I promise.

Bugs n’ fishes


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