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Fall News–Coming Soon!

Stay tuned, lovelies,

I’m working on some things. News on what I’ll be up to this Fall will be posted soon!

bugs n’fishes,


New Things for Spring!

Ahoy lovelies!

Masters for the new album are in my hot little hands. Things are rolling, plans are afoot, and a brand new website is coming your way soon, care of my favourite website designer Mat Dunlap.

Stay tuned! Things are happening! EEeee!

Bugs n’ Fishes,


Do-all-the-things-all-the-time! (And Happy New Year)

Well, hello! Hi!

Happy New Year, friendlies!

2014 has barely begun and I’m off like a race horse. Man oh man, there’s a lot on the go in the next coming months. Folk Alliance, a new album, Spring touring, and there will be a brand new website heralding the new album soon as well.

If the last few weeks are any indication, 2014 is going to be a year of constant motion. I am going to have to put on my special do-all-the-things-all-the-time overalls and pray that my ability to juggle musical things continues to far exceed my ability to juggle actual physical things (because I am a terrible, TERRIBLE, uncoordinated juggler, get it?!).

Home today, and taking a day off from recording to ponder and reflect and catch up on the things that need doing—the list seems limitless, but eventually, time will set its limits and I will set my laptop aside and suppress the urge to worry about all the emails I still need to send and just focus on making this record, because making music really is the point!
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Wee Update (Preceding the for-real Update)

Oh hi!

Hi hi hi. I’m buried, nay, drowning in grant applications until Tuesday, October 2nd. Once that’s out of the way I will compose a super riveting post that will have details on festival dates, the new album, the preview tour and all the Fall happenings. Oh yeah! And also, some pretty sweet award nominations.

It will all be right here. In detail. All the news.

Prepare thyselves.

Bugs n’fishes,


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