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One Tour Ends and Another One Begins

Ack!  First big cross-Canada tour is now over, and I haven’t updated my website since before we left on June 3rd.

It was truly an awesome and amazing adventure and Jon Bryant and I have grown and learned so much together.  There’s even talk of putting out a Jon Bryant/Gabrielle Papillon EP, among other things.  For real!  That might well happen!

One of the biggest challenges in recent weeks for me has been trying to book a rather last-minute tour for early August while I was still on the road, with intermittent email to boot!  But it’s all coming together, and as I sit here at my sister’s place in Toronto I’m feeling like it’s all going to work out, and I’m a pretty lucky person to be able to do what I love with people I think are lovely.

The August tour in the Maritimes is now fully booked, with one last confirmation pending.  Posters are done.  Mike Celia and I have been plotting our course and planning away.

I’ll be touring as a duo with my good friend Simon Honeyman, as Butterfly and the Beekeeper.  Geddit?  Papillon and Honeyman was too easy.  I’m really excited for this little project of ours.  Simon is talented beyond belief and his voice is just lovely.  I absolutely love Honeyman and The Brothers Farr (Simon’s other project–and really his first love) and think they’re going to do big things and with any luck, we’ll be touring as a gang next summer.

Mike Celia is a Toronto musician friend of mine and he’s a wicked awesome guitar player and he writes some great songs.  Also, he talks just about as much as I do.  So that’ll be loads of fun for Simon when we’re on tour!

I do hope to see some of you on the road (but not literally ON the road) or at a show.  Please do come and say hello.



A Wee Break from Performing…

Taking a wee break from performing.  Check out “Upcoming Shows” page for tour dates near you!  Tour kicks off here in Montreal at Burritoville on June 3rd.

It’s going to be loads of fun!



New Official Web Site

Hullo everyone!

I’ve finally managed to create a website using my own domain name. Obviously there are some things to add and tweak. But here’s something to start with. Enjoy!


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