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Touring update and other good things!

Ambre McLean and I are 12 days and 9 shows into our tour!  We have had some really lovely shows so far and fantastic audiences to boot.  We have two more shows in Ontario (Thunder Bay and Kenora) before we head further West (Winnipeg!) and all the way to BC.  Ambre’s last show of the tour will be on April 27th (at 7 months pregnant!), back in Toronto with my friend Dave Borins (venue TBA) where we will say our goodbyes and Dave and I will continue Eastward. Last show of the tour will be May 9th in Fredericton and then I head to Montreal for some major rehearsals with the boys from Honeyman and the Brothers Farr who I’ll be touring with in early June.  Finally I’ve been feeling pretty grateful this week as I’ve just got word that I have received two FACTOR grants.  Amazing and wonderful.  Yahoo!

Take care out there,



It’s Spring Touring Time!

I’m back from Memphis and the amazing Folk Alliance Conference.  Now I face the minor tasks of coraling (that’s a word.  I swear.) last year’s receipts (taxes!), finishing grant proposals, crushing this chest cold I brought back as a souvenir of my adventures, and getting everything (I mean everything) in order before I hit the road with Ambre McLean from March 3rd to May 7th to tour across Canada.  Myspace has all confirmed tour dates up.  Some are still being finalized and will be up once we are on the road.  Hope to see some friendly faces out there!  I bring new albums and new songs!  It’s going to be swell.



Memphis Bound!

Off to Memphis for the International Folk Alliance Conference!  Wahoo!

Live Recordings Post East Coast Summer Tour!

I’ve realized after a summer of touring that probably the best time to go into a studio is upon returning home from a tour, when your material is fresh from the road and sharp from being performed almost every day over a good stretch of time.

I’ve been meaning to go into studio with Simon Honeyman for a while–he’s a brilliant harmonizer and has a real sense of what to add to my songs when he adds his vocals and guitar to them.   Sometime in June, while still on the road with my good buddy Jon Bryant, I emailed the studio and booked a short 3 hour session knowing it’d be the first day back from our East Coast tour (with Simon, myself and Mike Celia).  I had no idea what we’d actually end up recording but figured 10 days on the road would illuminate the songs for us.

We ended up doing an old favorite, but not yet recorded song called One Small Frame, and a new tune I wrote on the road home from the West Coast tour called Years in Our Bones.  Years in our Bones is the first song I’ve written with two vocal parts in mind, and I knew Simon and I could have a lot of fun with it.

There’s something really special about the final result of our little recording session.  I love live recording.  There’s no click track, and you can get a certain kind of spark and spontaneity from it that you won’t get from layering all the tracks on top of each other.  In addition our tour partner (and great friend) Mike Celia was in the studio sitting on the couch just outside the recording booth while we recorded.  He may not be on the actual recording but his spirit and the glow of that short tour is all over it.

I’ve posted Years in our Bones on my myspace page.  Head on over for a listen.  One Small Frame will  be up soon as well.

Cheerio for now and take care!


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