Nova Scotia Music Week!

Hokay! It’s time! The bandlings and I are bound for Yarmouth on Thursday morning to showcase at Nova Scotia Music Week. Super proud of all of them: Sean and Nick are each playing in four bands (including mine), Carmel is showcasing her amazing new album, and Jordi is playing in 3 bands AND is nominated for a Music nova Scotia Award for Musician of the Year.

Sadly, because I can’t be in two places at once, this means I’ll be missing the Canadian Folk Music Awards in Edmonton, but I am over-the-moon proud to have been nominated with some amazing fellow artists. Jordi and I will be at the awards ceremony for the Music Nova Scotia Awards on Sunday morning (still can’t believe Tempest of Old got four award-nominations!) enjoying the whole award fanfare.

Here’s to an amazing NSMW and some adventures in Yarmouth!