New year, more shows, more fun, and some pretty wonderful things.

I should never ever EVER promise to post blog blurb updates with reasonable frequency. Mostly because I seem to get caught up in things (remember I’m still my own manager!) and then three months goes by and my website says I’m still on tour in the middle of November (except now it’s January) and that I am having so much fun. At least the part about me having fun is consistently true! Be it in November or January, my job is almost always fun. Unless I am writing grants. That is less fun. And it makes me want to nap pretty much always.

I seem to have gotten off track here. My bad! I’ve just had a serious conversation with myself (out loud of course) in which I firmly scolded me for mistaking my website for a journal (or diary? maybe I should start a diary?). Won’t happen again. Okay, yes it will. It surely surely will.

Et bon! here goes:

The Fall tour in support of Little Bug was wonderful, exhausting, fun, and epic. Packing 5 conference/festivals (which each comprised of 2 – 7 performances) into a 3 month tour where I had to rehearse with bands in three different cities, AND play 3 shows for every day of travel on the train was probably a bit ambitious, definitely a little crazy, and totally worthwhile–though I’ll probably not be touring that way again for quite some time.

The New Year snuck up on me and things are already rather hectic (in the best of ways). I’ve got my first shows of the year coming up this week and next (Liverpool on Saturday the 19th and the IDOW Festival in Halifax on the 25th and 26th). In February I’m headed to Montreal for a wee spell to do some songwriting with some friends there and also take over as resident host for Chick Pickin’ Mondays at Grumpy’s Bar for two weeks. THEN FOLK ALLIANCE! In Toronto. Which, well, YAY!!!

I’m coming back to Halifax after that little jaunt and then I’ll be here for ECMW because **cue drumroll** LITTLE BUG WAS NOMINATED FOR AN ECMA FOR FOLK RECORDING OF THE YEAR!!! I am so honoured and thrilled that I managed to squeeze into a category that has incredibly stiff competition. Seriously. The East Coast breeds folk singers. I mean, you can basically assume that at least 45% of the general population here are folk singers. That is a 100% true fact. So yeah. That happened. And I am PUMPED!

I’ll be doing some touring across the country in the Spring, starting in March with the maritimes and then Canadian Music Week again at which point I’ll be touring Ontario and Quebec and then heading West. We’re booking that portion of the tour now for April so if you’ve got a house that you are hankering to have a show in, holler at me (or maybe just send me a note via the handy contact form below) and we’ll see what we can do!

There is a sweet little plan in the works for the month of May if you’re in Nova Scotia. Can’t yet say what is afoot, but it’s going to be awesome. So stay tuned for more news on that!

I think that probably covers it. I really do promise to try and update the bloggety blog portion of the site more frequently. Really. Truly!

Happy January lovelies!

Bugs and fishes,