Happy Spring!

Oh hi! Happy Spring, everyone!

I think? It’s March 20th and I’m looking at a whole pile of snow outside. I’m headed back out on the road for a couple weeks to continue my “Spring” tour in Quebec and Ontario and I’m not entirely sure I haven’t fallen into an alternate universe in which it is February, or something. I’m headed to Toronto for CMW today and this time last year it was so warm in Toronto people were in shorts!

Anyhoodle, I’m off again. Dates for this leg of the tour are listed below and we are currently booking my West Coast dates and Newfoundland dates for the end of May and first part of June. Newfoundland! It’s true! Yippee! I can’t waaaaiiiiit.

Stay tuned for those dates.

Meantime, if you’re in any of these wonderful cities that I’ll be visiting I hope to see you at a show! There are some sweet sweet gigs coming up and I wouldn’t want anyone to miss out. I’m sharing the stage with some killer acts.

Oh gosh. Look at the time. I’d better run–flight to catch yada yada.

Bugs and fishes, Wonderfuls,