Bientops a Montreal!

Well here we are.  I’m in Fredericton, NB.  There’s one last show at the Snooty Fox tomorrow night before I finish what has been an epic and amazing Cross Canada tour that began on March 3rd.  I can’t wait to sleep in the same bed for 3 weeks straight!  Hooray!

I also can’t wait to start rehearsing with the boys from Honeyman and the Brothers Farr for a 10 day tour through southern Ontario in early June.  We’ll be touring as a double bill with the boys doing their set and then backing me for mine.  Yay!  I’ll also be rehearsing and making plans to go back into studio in June to record 4 songs with a FACTOR grant I was fortunate to receive.

I’ll be a stationary but busy bee for the next little while!  Wonderful wonderful stuff : )

later gators,