All the news. For real!

Well it’s high time I let folks know what in tarnation I am up to these days. Here’s the long and the short of it (the inside joke here is that it’s taken me literally WEEKS to edit this so that it would, in fact, be shorter than what it was).

THE TOUR (and the future album):
After touring solidly for a good 3 years and with breaks at home few and far between, I’ve decided to stay home for the rest of Spring and Summer. I toured in late February, March, and early April in the Maritimes, Ontario, and Quebec, with some very dear and talented friends (working Folk Alliance, East Coast Music Week—where Little Bug was nominated for an ECMA!!!, and Canadian Music Week into the tour schedule) and I got to play some really wonderful shows. My plan was to come home for a few weeks to do some shows in Nova Scotia and then I was set to make my way to the fair lands West of Winnipeg (and then over to NFLD).

There were a number of hiccups in my plans (which is so normal and routine in tour planning that that is usually how I know a tour is, in fact, real, and happening). But this time as I tried to juggle the changes and make new plans I began to wonder if, maybe, for the first time in three years, I should hold back from doing the full Canadian circuit touring in the Spring and take some time to focus on writing, which my heart was really aching to do. Also, I miss my friends and family and the dear ones I love.

I have always looked at the road as being so tantamount to my job, as a musician, that the idea of NOT touring through the entire country during what is essentially ‘touring season’ seemed almost lazy, and since I used to be able to write pretty much any time, anywhere, I had never considered taking time away to really just live and write. I was really conflicted about staying home and I spent two sleepless nights agonizing over the decision, and trying to get over the notion that the universe would crumble and everyone who has ever heard of me would forget about my music because I didn’t come and play in their town, or do interviews.

When I decided to stay home I found the floodgates opened, and I started writing. A lot. Keepers. So there is it folks, I’m writing the next album. Seems fast to be thinking about another album when it hasn’t even been a year since I released Little Bug, but in the grand scheme of things and with my schedule I have to start now so I have enough material to record something, hopefully wonderful, this Winter.

So there it is, I’m writing the new album. I have 4 new songs that I am really excited about, and more on the way, and I’m recording the demos with bandmates when they roll through town (or when I roll through their towns).

Yay! ‘Go Into the Night’ is being used in an indie documentary about Ghosthunters, called 30 Ghosts, and a short Canadian film called Stroll. It was also featured (as was I!) in a promo spot for Destination Halifax. That experience was really, really, cool, to say the least. There’s a link to the Destination Halifax video on my Facebook page.

I’ve got a few special shows booked for the summer. I can announce two of these and there will be one or two more I will announce soon. The first will be in Halifax on July 15th, at the Carleton Bar and Grill. It’ll be a double bill jamboree with a local gal named Alana Yorke who writes delicious and intricately arranged songs (and we also share a bandmate or two). She’ll play songs from her highly anticipated debut album due out sooooon, and I have something mighty special planned for my set. I’m going to be previewing a whole pile of new songs (and singing some old and not-so-old favourites) with a slew of special guests. Expect the Hali-famous to grace the stage that night. I’m so lucky to have so many talented friends!

After that I’m headed to Montreal for one last show as a local there. That’s right. I’m packing up my apartment that I’ve been subletting for 3 years, and finally bringing everything home to Halifax. I’ll still be a Montrealer in my heart, and lord knows I can’t give up swearing like a trucker, in French (when it’s called for), but it’s time all my things were in the same place, and I made Halifax my home base some time ago. On July 24th I’m playing at Divan Orange with Jane Ernhardt and Olenka and the Autumn Lovers (I LOVE playing shows with Olenka. She’s such a treat. And her songs are dreamy and eloquent). Corinna Rose and perhaps a few other lovely partners in crime from the Mighty Oak family will be up on stage with me that night. It’s not my LAST show in Montreal by any means, but it is kind of a significant one for me, so come say goodbye and hear some of the new tunes. The next morning we are packing up a truck and driving back to the Maritimes.

I’m booking the Fall tour as we speak. I’ll be headed across Canada and to the Northeastern US. If you’d like to stay informed about when I’ll be in your town, and all other things you can shoot me a message via the form below and ask me to add you to my mailing list, which I update even less than my website blog, but I aim to get a little better at it.

If you would like me to come and play in your town, let me know! If there’s not an appropriate venue for me to play in, but you’ve got a house that you’d like to host a house concert in, shoot me a message, we’ll see what we can swing.

Another good way to know what’s going on with me is to find my Facebook page (I post there the most). Or find me on Twitter.

To those wonderful folks who have been buying my music through my website or via iTunes I must say I owe you a mighty big thanks. Sometimes it helps me pay for my groceries, and that is something to be proud of, so thanks for that.

Would you believe this was originally a 5 page Word document, epic saga, of sorts? I talked about my feelings and threw in some metaphors about changes, and life and all that. If you’ve made it this far, well, I think you deserve a pat on the back. Go make yourself a snack and smell a flower or something!

Bugs and fishes,