The Tempest of Old (2015)
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1. Got Your Well
2. With Our Trouble
3. Come and Gone
4. Preach Love
5. Idling
6. Kentucky in the Dark
7. Symphony of Better Times
8. Brother, Throw Down
9. Ain’t No Bitter
10. This Light Will Not Burn
11. Cradles
12. Then Will I
13. Well Beneath
Producer: Daniel Ledwell (Lake Echo, NS). Mastering: Harris Newman at Grey Market Mastering (Mtl, QC)
Little Bug (2012)
1. Go Into the Night
2. Oh My Favourite
3. Turn Left
4. Little Bug
5. Concrete of the City
6. Coccinelle
7. Moonless Night
8. He Knows
9. Judah On His Knees
10. In the Pines
11. I Am Sold
Gabrielle's fourth and most ambitious solo release. Produced by Daniel Ledwell and recorded at Montreal's Treatment Room. Featuring guest appearance by Jenn Grant, Roxanne Potvin, Sasha Muise and David Simard and Halifax and Montreal members of Gabrielle's backing band The Mighty Oak.
The Currency of Poetry (2011)
1. Paddle and Row
2. On the Banks
3. Dust to Gold
4. No Common Ground
5. One Small Frame
6. Like We Go Together
7. Years In Our Bones
8. Outlaws and Criminals
Produced by Gabrielle Papillon and Jean-Sebastien Brault-Labbé. Recorded at Montreal's Treatment Room and engineered by Gilles Castilloux. Mastered by Matt Connell at Northwood Studios.
The Wanderer (2010)
1. Turn Left
2. Like We Go Together
3. Dust To Gold
4. The Wanderer
5. Paddle And Row
6. Wedding Song
7. Turn Left (A12 Remix)
Producer, Mixed By – Adam Coape-Arnold
Recorded By – Jean-Sébastien Brault-Labbé
Produced and mixed by Adam Coape-Arnold at Synaesthesia Sounds Labds IV, MTL, QC
Recorded at Zodyo Studios, Montreal, Quebec
Songs for a Rainy Day (2001)
1. Autumn Falls
2. Offscreen
3. Left Of Me
4. Only With Your Smile
5. Catching Up
6. I Still Do
7. Ask Me Anything
8. Song For A Rainy Day
9. In A Minute (Or Two)
10. Set The Line
11. Last Dance
Recorded and mixed at Concept Recording, Montréal, Canada
Produced by Jarad S. Pesner, Concept Productions